A Brief Guide About Wet Chai

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A Brief Guide About Wet Chai

August 25, 2019 Uncategorised 0

If you are someone who cannot begin their day without having a cup of tea or chai, then just like me, you are addicted to it. A good cup of chai is something that is needed to start off your day before all the hustle bustle begins.  

Even though there are a tons of variety of chai’s and golden latte brand online available all over the world, but today, we are specifically going to be talking about wet chai. I am sure you must be thinking what exactly wet chai is, well, that what we are here to tell you about.  

  1. Wet chai is often referred to as sticky chai too, mainly because it has to be kept wet in the fridge in a glass jar. The wetness that comes in this chai is mainly because of the citrus of lemon, turmeric, ginger and honey. Basically, the wetness and stickiness that comes from these ingredients is what adds up in the flavors of the chai which you can only understand once you actually get to try it.  
  2. This mixture of chai is caffeine free, so if you are someone who is looking for options to get away from caffeine for a while, then wet chai is your thing. However, if you prefer to add tea leaves to it, then you can have the option of substitution of roasted dandy with the typical black tea.  
  3. Moving on towards to preparing a tea that your taste buds can get addicted to, well, the secret to it is such that you add a high quality of spices into it. Make sure you are not using the spices that have been kept in your house for so many years, in fact, go to the spice bazaar and get yourself fresh stuff so you don’t regret the taste.  

Hope the above tips helped you preparing the best wet chai that you have been looking for in a longest time. This particular chai is known to be full of flavor hence, you won’t ever be disappointed with it. In an ideal world, finding the best chai or coffee is something only chai and coffee lovers can relate to and not any other ordinary person. But we promise you that trying out our buy wet chai online is something you wouldn’t regret about at all. Do try this particular chai and see it for yourself how you will be hooked to it mainly because of the strong flavors it brings with it self. Each ingredient that is added for its preparation gives its own original and authentic taste which can actually be felt when you prepare it in the right manner.  wet-chai

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